ADJUNCTS are your first in mind assistants for all your management systems support.
We co- work in the most flexible way on your supply chain and QHES- robustness.
Out- tasking with the force of the human cloud enhanced with power to collaborate on site.
Flexible, Modular and Customized.

We have developed 3 customized service bundles (Alto, Mezzo and Sopra) going from 8 up to 48 working hours a month. From a helping hand who facilitates you during a couple of hours a month, onto a full outsourced service department. We are focused to excel in out-tasking services regardless the department the tasks are initiated from. The unique position of Heracles Adjuncts BV, and that distinguish us from the competition, is that you don’t pay for the executing person but for the delegated bunch of work.

Branches of industry

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