Our out-tasking services are suitable for every organisation which is lacking time or knowledge to fulfil a real robust way of working. Whether you do not have the right resources nor the ambition to hire dedicated persons to propel your QHES- management system, operational excellence or supply chain. We can assist when you need workforce to get your things done (FELLOW SERVICE BUNDLES) as well as provide expertise when you need coaching in more demanding projects (EXECUTIVE SERVICE BUNDLES).

Fellow Service Bundle

  • Alto: 12h/month
  • Mezzo: 24h/month
  • Sopra: 48h/month

This bundle ensures that a number of your workhours are freed up. If it's because of a sporadic project, or an increased workload. Sometimes a reliable adjunct is all you need. We think that in a lot of companies the best knowledge is already within the organisation. Why shouldn't we liberate your most precious talents form their daily hassles? So they can do what really expect from them: Coruscate!

Typical tasks in the fellow service bundle are: MSDS and specification management, editing forms and instructions, updating of databases, complaint handling, editing training documentation, master data list updates, order entry, flow diagram creation, etc.

Fellow service bundles are always delivered in a remote modus.

Executive Service Bundle

  • Alto: 8h/month
  • Mezzo: 16h/month
  • Sopra: 36h/month

Typical tasks in the Executive bundle are: risk assessments, project management, internal auditing, certification audit guidance, compliance & regulatory affairs, training, root cause analysis, validation, verification & commissioning, business process mapping.
expert services are done remotely as well as on site.

Branches of industry

All of the services we offer can be adapted to your specific needs.  

Simply ask for a meeting and get in touch with our team for a custom quote. 
Whichever bundle you choose, it guarantees you will get more done and have more time to do the things you love.

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