Our story starts in the ancient Greece. Where the mythical Heracles succeeded in a dozen of tasks he received form king Eurystheus. At the start of the twenties of the current area, we have gone through an unseen digital acceleration. A lot of QHES- and operational supervisors assimilated to co-work remotely in their departments. Out of necessity, due to the pandemic.

In this waltz between necessity, coincidence and virtue the founders of Heracles Adjuncts BV saw the possibility to offer supply chain actors a new kind of service. An improved way to co-create and bring value to your customers. More flexible, more modular and more customized.

The best between general administrave assistance and scarce consultancy, the best between own pay rollers and human cloud services, the best between an uncertain temporary helping hand and the reliability of a fix adjunct.
We co-work in the most flexible way on your QHES- and supply chain robustness.
Out-tasking with the force of the human cloud enhanced with power to collaborate on site.


We are a higher educated group of operational excellence junkies, quality freaks, health specialists, environment lovers, safety addicts, business executives, lead auditors, globetrotters, parents, activists, astronomy and gastronomy connoisseurs, researchers, philanthropists, fitness and jogging practitioners, animal lovers, senior recruiters, sustainability missionaries, sales boosters, sons and daughters, trainers, project managers, human resource officers but most of all a close-knit team to do your out- tasked labour.


Heracles Adjuncts BV is a registered service provider for the SME portfolio with number DV.A243166. This means that after an independent external audit, Heracles Adjuncts BV has received a quality label approved by the Flemish government. Through this quality label we guaranantee we can offer outstanding consultancy. Furthermore, Flemish SMEs and liberal profession executers can benefit from a subsidy measure that provides a considerable discount on the rate offered. 


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